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Please see below testimonials from some of Ireland's leading Chief Operating Officers and Operations Directors who have previously attended BusinessRiver's other long-standing events.

“It’s celebrating our successes, and every now and then its lovely to stand back and reflect on what has happened over the last maybe six to twelve months and really look at where the standout companies are. It’s wonderful to be a part of it.”

Olivia Galvin, Operations Director, Morgan McKinley, speaking at the HR Leadership & Management Awards 2018.


“It brings life into the industry, it keeps everyone excited, everyone is motivated to work towards higher goals, higher achievements and to keep coming back and keep winning.”

Louise O’Reilly, Amgen Technology Ireland. Operational Excellence Award winner at the Pharma Industry Awards 2018


“At Actavo we are very interested in the pursuit of excellence within our business, and tonight I think these awards are very much about the recognition of excellence of people in the design community and we are very proud to be associated with that here tonight.”

Liam Brew, Operations Director, Actavo, speaking at the Building & Architect of the Year Awards 2017.

“The Aviation Industry Awards night is a great night because we have our fellow leasing companies, we have our airline customers, all of the different service providers from maintenance to crew services we work with all year round.”

David Swan, COO, SMBC Aviation Capital, speaking at the Aviation Industry Awards 2016.

“With the kind of people we had in the audience tonight, the fit was really good. A lot of them have worked hard on their concepts throughout the year so I think to give a little bit back to the industry is really important.”.

Sharon Hollywood, Director of Operations, The Conference & Events Venue at the Mansion House, speaking at the Event Industry Awards 2016.

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